Meet Our Scholars

Project Space invests in students, as individuals, supports new ideas for research, NewSpace (NS) technology development, and leadership in space exploration.  Project space awards scholarships based on funds availability, academics, and financial need. Below are some of our scholars!


Paulina Varela

 Undergraduate Student

I am very grateful to Project Space. For the past year, the scholarship money awarded to me in April helped lighten the financial load for these two semesters, buying all the necessary books and school supplies. I, along with my parents, are very grateful to Bertha Garza, as well as everyone from Project Space, for their continued dedication and commitment to the students and our community. 


Project Space has helped me experience many new things. Thanks to Project Space, I was able to go to LA and attend the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) as an ARCC student. I also had the opportunity to go to Orlando and compete in the International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC) and practice real engineering with people from NASA! 

Overall, Project Space has given me many opportunities to explore and participate in events that deal with space research and exploration, all of which are things that I am interested in!

William Brown

 High School Student


Project space awarded me with a scholarship more than once a year. The money I received was used to pay my tuition last summer and to buy some materials for my classes. When I came to United States, I had not idea that I could be in the place I am right now, working along world-renown scientists and pursuing a career in physics. Thanks to Project Space, I am living a wonderful experience.

Yhamil Garcia

Undergraduate Student


A million thank-you’s would not be enough for having received the Project Space Award money. The money I received assisted me in school expenses, such as books and homework subscriptions, that I normally would have to take out a loan for. It allowed me to have more peace of mind this past year, and hopefully following semesters, that I will not have a debt to owe. Being in college, every dollar is stretched, and having been awarded has been a privilege and an honor. I hope this experience continues to be granted to the people of my community.

LeeAnn Capistran

Undergraduate Student


Project Space has awarded me with their scholarship for 3 consecutive years. With their financial support I was able to do a life-changing internship in Houston, fund my tuition during summer and expand my resume. Without the support from Project Space I would not be able to be where I am today... 2 semesters away from graduating with a Master of Science in Physics and a Master of Business Administration

Keeisi Caballero

 Graduate Student

Look at some of the students we support having fun at our fundraising events!